South Downs Education Trust - Information

SDET’s vision is focussed around five core values; to work together and support each other as a Community, to continually try to improve and develop Resilience, to show Integrity with honesty and truthfulness at all times, to show Respect in valuing and accepting differences with courtesy and consideration and to always pursue Excellence and strive to surpass our shared expectations.

SDET will contribute positively to a self-improving school-led system that improves process, reduces unnecessary complexity and duplication and spreads high standards so that all the schools within the Trust are ‘Good’ or better both in terms of their Ofsted judgement and in the eyes of its children and young people, parents/carers and wider community.

The Trust seeks to achieve these aims through embedding the core values into the academic, personal and social development provision for all children and young people.

The Trust’s mission statement of ‘Always Pursuing Excellence’ is fundamental in achieving the high expectations of working together to ensure every child and young person is able to reach their true potential. 

Together we will share good practice from different contexts and in doing so raise standards and performance across all our schools and fundamentally improve the outcomes and experiences of children and young people.

Our Ethos

We believe in nurturing children and young people as individuals to develop their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief to pursue excellence in all that they undertake.  Behaviour management is firm but fair and staff relationships with children and young people and each other are based on mutual respect.  We actively encourage our children and young people to exercise a high degree of self-discipline based on common sense.  Parents and carers, rightly, have high expectations of the school and their support is considerable and valued.

We want all children and young people in all our schools to value education and become lifelong learners so that, when they leave school, they are able to adapt to changing global, political, social and economic contexts to enable them to prosper throughout their lives.


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